Spotify Playlist & Marketing Mastery

Learn how to get added on the best playlists, make a full-time income from streaming, and how to curate better playlists

Kenneth Thomas

Kenneth Thomas

Producer - Perfecto / Armada Records

"Stevo has been an absolute genius with Spotify for our current projects. Where our focus has historically been on Beatport and singles for DJ use, Stevo has been able to open up a whole new promotional and revenue stream for our music. A true master with the Spotify platform!"

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys

Producer / DJ

"Stevo has done an amazing job with our music and Spotify. His knowledge of the in's and out's of Spotify and how to leverage that platform has paid dividends for us and our music. He has always been one step ahead of the game and has always looked out for our best interests. It truly sets him apart from the rest." 

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Here are a couple of reasons why you should be putting your focus on Spotify:

Spotify has quickly become one of the most important streaming platforms of our generation.

CD sales are almost extinct and digital downloads are on the sharp decline as well. 

Some Spotify playlists have a bigger reach than radio stations in a major metropolitan cities! 

You can reach your goals, too! Imagine if...

... you are consistently getting on playlists for each and every release.

... you are gaining true fans for your music. 

... you are gaining playlist followers at a staggering rate.

Yes, you too can grow your fanbase in the next 30 days with this course!

Over the past three years, I've discovered just how POWERFUL your presence on Spotify can be.

I created Spotify Marketing Mastery Course to share the EXACT principles and strategies I've used to exponentially grow the artist's that I've worked with. 

Here's everything you can expect to learn when you enroll in Spotify Marketing Mastery:

✅ Why focus on Spotify? 
✅ How to distribute your music
✅ Creating and optimizing artist profiles
✅ How to build your powerful playlists
✅ Setting up concerts and merch on Spotify
✅ Learning Spotify's numerous algorithms
✅ The best time to release your music
✅ Growth hacking future releases
✅ How to submit music to playlist curators
✅ How to curate and grow your own Spotify playlists
✅ Getting on Spotify playlists
✅ How to track and analyze your releases
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⚡ BONUS: My own record label's proven song release plan ($697 Value)

Total Value $997

At this point, you might be feeling excited, but I wouldn't be surprised if you're also having some doubts and worries about whether or not this course is right for you. 

So in case you're feeling nervous, let me clear up some myths and fears you may be thinking. 

I haven't released any music yet.
This course will show you how to even release music on your own without a label. We'll show you some of our favorite distributors to earn the most amount of revenue per song release.

I'm not sure these strategies would work for my obscure genre. 
The Spotify Marketing Mastery course appeals to all different genres. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Music Marketer?

The Music Marketer was created by Stevo Jacobs as a way to help artists further their careers in the music industry. The Music Marketer is a free podcast as well as online courses that go into detail about specific actions you can take right now in the music industry. 

Q: How do I know this training will work for my genre?

The Music Marketer is not limited to any specific genre. While Stevo has a passion for electronic music, the principles he talks about are applicable to any genre, musician, or vocalist. 

Q: Why is it only $219?

Like you, we know the value of a dollar. While other courses may be well over $300, we felt the $219 price point was the perfect price point so that all musicians of any stature could enjoy the educational value from the course. 

Q: Will you be doing a course for the other streaming platforms?

Over time, we will be focusing on courses for the streaming platforms we see a future with. While SoundCloud seems to be a dying streaming service, we do have big hopes for Deezer, Apple Music, and various other streaming platforms online. 

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