I am reguarly asked for recommendations on different tools, training, resources, and services I use. People particularly want to know what I use. As a result, I've put together a list of recommended marketing resources that I've either used (in most cases) or which have come highly recommended to me by people I trust.  

Music Marketing


I've purchased more domain names then I'd like to admit, with hundreds of URLs never resulting in anything. 

  • Namecheap - As GoDaddy's reputation has gone through stages throughout the years, one of my favorite domain registrars is Namecheap. 


Over the past 8 years, I have tried most of the hosting services out there. After realizing GoDaddy hosting was not meant for me (and a lot of other people as well), I've used hosting for websites getting thousands of viewers each month, along with websites getting millions of viewers each month. 

  • SiteGround - SiteGround has been one of my favorite hosting services for a few years now.
  • Bluehost - It really is a toss up for me whether I prefer Bluehost or Siteground more. 

Website Platforms

My recommendation for building a website is pretty clear - For the last 8 years, I've have not built a website on any other platform for myself. 

A couple of other platforms exist of coursing including:

Website Themes

While you can get the stock WordPress themes, the true value of WordPress is with any purchased theme. 

  • Envato - Choose from a wide selection of WordPress themes suitable for any business. 


Graphic Design

In the beginning, I had to pay for graphic design. It was timely and costly. Throughout the years, I've found a number of resources to help me out. 

  • Freelancer - I have found that Freelancer is one of the cheaper services especially if you're wanting to create a design contest. 
  • 99 Designs - This was one of the original design contest websites. If you're looking to do a logo design, this is a great website to pull in a lot of different ideas for your future logo. 
  • Canva - When I want to create my own designs and not use a professional, I use Canva for all my needs. 
  • Pexels - Pexels is a great website for free stock photography.
  • Unsplash - Unsplash is also a great website for free stock photography.

Email Marketing Tools

  • Google Suite (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc...) - Google Suite is by far one of the most important investments in myself and my company that I've made. For $5 per month per user, the Google Suite has made my life so much easier. 
  • Drip - Drip is one of my favorite email marketing tools especially at its price. It handles CRM, marketing automation, and email newsletter services. 
  • ConvertKit - One of the new kids on the block that is taking over is ConvertKit. Their tagline email marketing software for creators, by creators shows that they are in it for its users.
  • Constant Contact - This email marketing service is an iconic email marketing platform. It comes with a lot of great email templates and is very easy to use. 
  • Get Response - This email marketing platform has been around for quite awhile as well. Now Get Response offers email marketing, marketing automation, webinars, and landing pages.
  • Mailpoet - If you have WordPress, Mailpoet is a great free email marketing platform. It does take a bit of setting up since you will need a SMTP server to deliver your emails, but Mailpoet is great since you don't have to leave WordPress to send an email. 

Social Media Management Tools

  • Tweetdeck - Tweetdeck is one of my favorite social media tools. The now Twitter-owned platform helps you manage all of your Twitter profiles and be able to track replies, notifications, and trending events. 

Music Marketing Tools

  • Tunemunk - This service allows anyone to create submission gates for their playlists for FREE. 
  • Playlist Pitching - Have a service playlist your songs for you! 
  • Playlist Push - Get your music placed on some incredible Spotify playlists. 
  • Submithub - This platform allows you to connect with hundreds of influencers for a small fee: bloggers, YouTube channel owners, and playlist curators. 


  • Agile CRM - After doing quite a bit of research for the perfect CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), I came across AgileCRM and it's been wonderful so far. It's one of the best prices I found and has marketing automation, CRM, and funnel functionality. Also connects with Zapier which is a major plus. 
  • Hubspot - Hubspot is one of the best CRM and email marketing systems available on the market. Despite having a significantly higher price tag, Hubspot would be my #1 recommendation over any other marketing automation platform currently. 

Other Marketing Tools

  • Editframe - This service allows you to create convert your songs into videos so that you can upload it to Facebook and social media. 
  • Fiverr - Fiverr has been one of my go to services for quite some time now. For roughly $5, you can get YouTube video visualizers for your recent songs, voiceovers, video work, graphic design, you name it! In future episodes, I will list out all my favorite services on Fiverr. 
  • Feedly - Ever since the demise of Google Reader, I have been looking for the perfect RSS reader to keep track of all of my favorite blogs and news stories and Feedly does just that for me.
  • LastPass - Gone are the days of an Excel spreadsheet storing all of your passwords. Now with LastPass, you can conveniently store all of your passwords to access while you're browsing the web.
  • Awesome Screenshot
  • OneSignal
  • Google Analytics
  • Grammarly

Spotify Tools

  • Spot On Track - This service helps you track which playlists your songs are getting on and is relatively low-priced. 
  • Spotify for Artists - It's impossible to talk about Spotify Tools and not mention Spotify for Artists. 
  • Chartmetric - Considerably more expensive than SpotOnTrack, but so many more features. 

Music Distribution

  • Routenote - My favorite music distributor is Routenote due to its ability to uncheck certain stores for distribution. Overall, one of the best systems I've found to date. 

Productivity Tools

  • QuickBooks - One of the best ways to manage your accounting and manage expenses.
  • Asana - Asana is a life saver. For a free project management tool, this is a must for most people. 

How To Make Money Outside Of The Normal

  • Going to garage sales or searching the free section on Craigslist and Facebook marketplaces, and reselling on Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace

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