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Book Your Strategy Session With Stevo Jacobs, CEO & Founder of EDM Sauce, Chroma Records, and EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records. 

If you are an artist, band, or musician, then you know how frustrating it can be in the music industry.

Despite your best efforts, it just seems to be inching along... while others are growing their careers by the thousands of fans every day. Instead of watching other's take off, get consulting and a one-hour session with Stevo Jacobs. 

Here's some ideas on what you may want to ask Stevo about:

→ Getting started in the music industry
→ Career advice
→ Music marketing advice
→ How to distribute your music
→ Spotify marketing
→ Record labels
→ How to generate revenue as an artist
→ Website setup & SEO
→ Social Media Marketing
→ The best times to release your music
→ Growth hacking future releases
→ How to submit music to playlist curators
→ Getting on Spotify playlists
→ How to track and analyze your releases
→ Release strategies

At this point, you might be feeling excited, but I wouldn't be surprised if you're also having some doubts and worries about whether or not this might be right for you. So here's more about me:

In 2012, I began EDM Sauce. I quickly grew it to 500,000 monthly visitors and now average around 3 million monthly visitors. I've co-managed some of today's biggest artists including Kygo & Thomas Jack. My Spotify playlists have over 1.5 million total followers, and I have made a living doing what I love to do in the music industry. 

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