Best Music Industry Blog of 2018

Whether you’re wanting to learn about music industry news, the latest how-to’s, or even some marketing tips, music industry blogs is content you really should be reading daily.

Fortunately, even if you’re not an artist, there’s still a lot of benefit you can get from reading these music industry websites. Below are the best music industry blogs of 2018.

Best Music Industry Blog of 2018


+ Hypebot

Hypebot posts daily posts intended for musicians and music industry professionals. Hypebot tends to post in-depth stories, breaking news articles, and how-to’s.


+ Music Ally

Music Ally, not to be confused with Musically (now, TikTok) is a music industry blog with over 15 years of information, experience and data on the global music business.
Music Ally

+ Music Business Worldwide

Music Business Worldwide offers insights, in-depth analysis of the music industry, and news.
Music Business Worldwide


+ Ditto Music Blog

Ditto’s music blog features useful tips and advice for musicians of all levels.

+ Digital Music News

Digital Music News features in-depth news articles on everything in the music industry including streaming, music distribution, and much more.
Digital Music News